Woe to America

It's been said that if The Almighty spares the United States from judgment, then he owes Sodom & Gomorrah an apology. I agree. We are pelted with daily polls reflecting our opinions of the Clinton Crisis. Depending on whose results you see, some 60 to 70 percent of us want the President to maintain in his office. Most of those also stated they wanted the investigation to end immediately. Many think that all of this is merely a "Witch Hunt" and an invasion of one man's privacy. Some actually insist that all men are the same and we would all allow ourselves to be in the same situation as Clinton if a buxom young intern shows us her "credentials".

The male impulse is natural and understandable. The reacting to the impulse is what scares me about our President. Clinton is not merely your average "Joe Six pack" who has been unfaithful to his wife. This guy has a warped, unhealthy view of women and what he would to satisfy this need is what is alarming. His behavior and his demeanor during this last 8 months should show the American People plenty about his overall judgment. To say that Clinton does not value the truth very much is an understatement.

I think it is nicer than just calling him a lair. I was convinced long ago that he really believes that he says and he may even be convinced that he being honest. This is another terrifying trait about the man. It is a pathology. For us loyal partisans on the Right getting Clinton is a matter of Principle. For me it's not personal, I don't hate the guy (plenty on the right do), but I am opposed to most of the ideas he has and I dislike how he's able to manipulate people with his words. This thought of mine is not aimed at the President, but at us, the American People.

Life in this Country in 1998 is pretty smooth sailing compared to the days of old. We, as a people have not suffered great adversity in our lives and we are clouded in our picture of what is important. Since most of the stress in our daily lives is related to our possessions and obligations and we have very little gratitude for the good things we have in this life, we just meander through our lives aimlessly.

It has been alleged that our Government has sold our enemies, the Communist Chinese dual purpose technology which possibly could kill millions of our citizens. This is very different from some small arms sales to Central America in a covert US operation. This could affect all of us. Our political Process has been influenced and corrupted by illegal campaign funds by these same international forces. Foreign countries have new influence in affecting our political process through campaign contributions and our industry through international bodies such as the United Nations and international trade treaties. the UN has proposed a global court with world wide authority and much of planet is receptive to this idea. The militias will certainly dig in deep in their bunkers and just might see some black helicopters after all. New World Order conspiracy jabber on some radio show no longer makes me laugh so much.

This Clinton Scandal is a far more alarming than many recognize. Long after the name of Bill Clinton or Monica Lewinsky, this episode will survive in the American Soul. It may be true that a majority of our citizens want the President to remain in office. Many say it's just about sex and his private life. They shout "partisanship" and dismiss the real issues that need to be resolved. Such is the mantra of the day. It looks like only the Republicans are the partisans, while what I heard from the left side of the aisle has been far nastier rhetoric.

There is no question there are Republicans who want Clinton's head and have wanted it since 1992. I am in that camp. For me it's purely principle, and not to be dismissed as merely "Clinton Bashing". I am opposed to most of the policies he has presented, though he has passed quite a few Republican proposed laws. He later steals the glory for the ideas, claims it as his own and still bashes the GOP for the proposal even though he just passed it into law. It is sheer brilliance, totally unfair and underhanded, but it seems acceptable to the American people. Some Americans actually believe Clinton was the one to implement Welfare Reform, though he vetoed it twice before signing it into law in an election year. We are a fast food nation and our tiny attention spans can not process much more than 3 or 4 word jingles or slogans. A 10 second sound-bite on a particular subject seems to do the trick. We then feel informed and form our opinions on this subject. We have lost our ability for critical thinking. Our morale compass is broken, our souls are poisoned with selfishness, greed, vanity, arrogance, pride, lust and we will soon pay for our excesses.

When the "Lil' Devil" in me comes out, I hope that the millions of female Clinton defenders get to practice their tolerance of infidelity when their husbands and boyfriends screw their best friends, secretaries or the baby sitter and attempt the Clinton defense. This green light has been broadcasted nationwide, over and over again to every red blooded American man who now possesses a wicked smile and a get out of jail free card in his pocket. The most important trait is that we men vote correctly on abortion and other women's issues, as long as there is a "D" after our names, we are allowed to squeeze a tush, or feel a breast, drop our shorts and ask the women to kiss the bird, or even make a waitress sandwich in public as Democrat Senators Kennedy and Dodd shows us while out for bite. Clinton is both a form of sexual predator, one who sees women primarily as 3 or 4 parts of thier anatomy. It's the classic objectification of women, and yet he's still supported as a champion of Women's Rights and Feminism or at least the President who has been most supportive of theses ideas. The Feminist Groups have watched one man destroy their cause in the blink of an eye. This has been splendid! I have heard some women even say they themselves would "service" the president if it would keep abortion legal or whatever the political cause is. If I ever hear how a consentual relationship between a boss and subordinate is sexual harassment due to inequity of power, or talk of a hostile work environment because of a poster on a wall or an off-colored joke, I will simply bust out in laughter. Feminism is dead and buried because the fuel of Feminism is not equality or justice, but merely politics. Thank you, Mr. President.

Our children will use these new Clinton tactics, to get out of trouble, lie to us and defend the lie as they didn't to hurt their parents. They will break windows with baseballs, cheat on tests, lie to thier parents faces boldly as we have trashed all standards in this nation. They will kill mercilessly because they were"dissed" by a kid at school. They will kill for the curiosity. They will drive our freeways with no regard for human life. They will drive by a horrible auto accident and be merely angry that traffic is moving so slow. They will run in wolf packs with shaved heads and baggy clothes and terrorize innocent people. These are the products of the 1960's generation, a group in which I loath the naive ideas born of them.

The sexual aspect of this ordeal will not go unnoticed with our children. Our President is an impulsive and deceptive human being. Most Americans have accepted that. When your selfish, amoral, godless, conscienceless children grow up and you are old and gray, perhaps in a retirement home, I hope assisted suicide is far less the discussion than it is today. All bets are off now. We are finished as a nation, and I think we deserve what we get from this point on.

One Suggestion: Get involved now and make demands of our elected officials and rebuilt the moral foundation. Contrary to popular opinion, "judgmental" is not a bad word. If we can declare nothing bad or evil, we are doomed. We must reject the new ideas and ideologies that condone or justify the evil actions of people. We must reject the notion that wrongdoing is a product of our environment or the media. Scoff at the word "spirituality" as it is religion without the demands. We just disregard what Europe or the rest of the world when they accuse us of being a puritanical society. Europe is hardly an example of having figured it all out when it comes to civil and just society. We must return to what once made this Country great, or we will have only ashes left.

Other suggestion: Arm yourself heavily. We just might need those assault rifles and Kevlar vests, stockpiles of premium ammunition. As the Abolitionist John Brown once said 2 years before his prophecy was fulfilled by the Civil War and 635,000 Americans were killed, "Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin".


"Patrick Henry"


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