We see the downward spiral

Well........, what can I say about these last few weeks? It has been a rocket ride to say the least. The mainstream media show us nightly polls with Clinton maintaining a very healthy approval rating. It has shifted a bit, but down enough to show inpending doom. I've never been one to disregard all polling as biased or irrelevant, though I believe results can be used improperly to form opinion. The Zogby Poll is the most accurate polling outfit that I know of. They were the only ones to properly predict the 1996 Elections. Network polls told us Clinton would win with up to 18 points over Senator Bob Dole. They also told us California Initiatives Prop 187, 209 and 227 (anti-illegal imigration propositions in CA) were going to be too close to call when it seems that they simply did not want to anger Hispanics with the truth. It has been said the polls being news is contrary to our democratic process. I dont believe they are worthwhile daily news. They certainly do affect opinion. Recent polls have inadventantly revealed the President is in big trouble in the later questions about felonies, obstrcucting justice, perjury, witness tampering, ect., (all the juicy stuff that will be fatal to this Administration) and what the American people will tolerate.

There are real alarms sounding about the mindset of this Country. I have concluded that the reason we are so far down the drain because the American "soul" is polluted and the moral compass has been smashed. We deserve what we allow to take place. It's hard to believe Gary Hart's campaign was decimated by a sex scandal in one fell swoop in 1988 (only 10 years ago). Now look at the dialog we have and the indisgressions we dismiss. Is America better off now that we have shed our puritanical restraints and are being freed to emulate the more sexually liberated European attitudes? One question: When, in the last 50 years has Europe led anybody by thier example. I don't want to emulate the European nations. Thier morale credibility is pretty low in this last century as the soil over there still holds the blood millions of men. (Germany 10 million?, Russia (20 Million just in World War 2?). How about France who despises the western culture more than terrorist freindly nations? My point is stated. Europhiles are now allowed to sit down and shut up. Next. Let's try another angle on this agruement.

Some cynical people have insisted we don't elect a president to be our pastors or priests, they also state that no one is perfect, we are all flawed and he who is without sin should cast the first stone. This is simply outrageous! We don't need to elect the Pope, but a man with reasonable self control and judgement is not too much to demand. There are gradations of sin as far as the law in concerned. We're not talking about Christian Theology here where all sin can seperate us from the Almighty less the blood of the Lamb. Our society differentiates between J walkers and Murderers. Both infractions require some measure of justice, but not the same punishment.

I believe a man or woman can have an episode of infidelity and still manage to work it out in a marriage. It will not come without a price and things may never be the same. This is different than a man who is lead by his impulses who is continually pursuing other women, thrives on the risks and thrills of a very natural impulse in men. Our civilizing of men in our society results in men not simply running out and taking strange women who appeal to us, it also prevents us from impulsively raping attractive women and killing other men who threaten our quest for a large variety of women. This is our natural "lower nature" and there few who believe that we should allow nature to rule in this respect.

A wife causes a husband to be civilized, adds year to his life and adds meaning to his life. A husband who slips and is unfaithful to his wife causes great pain, destroys trust and risks everything that is valuable to him. This certainly can wreck a marriage, though it doesn't have to necessarily wreck it. If the man continues with this reckless and selfish behavior and doesn't stop acting on his hormones, then things are very different. This is not the same at a lapse of judgement. This is a lifestyle. This is a reflection of a man's character and a glimpse of how he views women. It is sheer selfishness and may speak volumes about many other nonsexual decisions this person might make.

Our Society underwent a social revolution in the 1960's where free love was preached (and practiced ), mankind is woman and womankind is man, make love not war and do what feels good. The Me Generation developed thier roots and America's foundation was severly cracked. Moral Relativism started to chip away at the standards we all held and agreed were correct. They proclaimed that there is no absolute truth, only what we personally believe is correct and no human being has the right to judge another person for his actions and say that they are wrong. Is a Jimmy Carter who admitted to lusting in his heart the equivalent of a hopeless, habitual womanizing Bill Clinton?

The word "nonjudgementalism" is a new creation of this generation. All repsects of limits to our human behavior are under siege. Clinton is the ultimate creation of the 60's "Flower Power" generation. Our President can lie to us, mislead us, cause the people who support and follow him to cover and lie for him, threaten his enemies, rob the political victories from his opponents, hobnob with the country's richest and powerful people at Martha's Vineyard while claiming to be a populist and a common man of the people, feeling our pain, running a secret police to discredit and imtimidate his detractors, an army of spin doctors to sway public opinion and since saying he want to help, touching on the concerns of our "soccer moms", biting his bottom lip with a compassionate expression on his face is enough keep the sheep following the Sheppard.

Talk is cheap. A good speaker can motivate and cause people to feel good. Actions have always spoken louder than words. Is it more important for a man to tickle our ears with what we like to hear, or are sound ideas and policies more important. Calling Bill Clinton the greatest politician of our time is not compliment, though I think it's true. He has changed the office of the Presidency forever . We now have a man who could very well be our neighbor if he wasn't in the white house. We know what type of underwear he wears, we named his dog, we hear him commenting on various issues almost daily, we would not rust him alone with our wives or daughters and hardly anyone believes he is an honest man. In the great scheme of things, he's out for number one, himself. The great heavenly justice is aready under way. His legecy is the most important thing to him. That is how the history books will deal with his 2 terms in office. I believe he has already take care of that. He told us that his administration would be the most ethical administration in history. I will end this graciously with an understatement that this has not been accomplished.

Patrick Henry

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