updated September 18th, 1998

A glow on the horizon, smoke in the air

The past 2 weeks have been politically charged and partisanship has been the rule. The press reports that the American people to want the details, that they are sick of the scandal. Do 64% of the public want the President to remain in office? When the evidence came out and the Starr Report was made public Friday Sept 11 1998, did the people not care and maintained support for him? the truth is, The polls conducted that day found most people had not yet read or seen the report and many did not even know what the Starr Report was. It is not surprising that public support would manintain a healthy percentage rate.

Today I heard the results of a poll on the Fox News Network asking if "You think the Clinton Aministration has lives up to it's promise to be the most ethical Administration in history?". A full 23% of the people polled believed that was the case. This is outrageous! I was silent for a few seconds, following by heavy laughter. How could anybody believe this? It later began to register with me. Considering over 10% percent of Americans believe Elvis Presley is still alive, my fears were assuaged. With millions of Americans running around with aluminum foil wrapped around their heads so extraterrestrials cannot read their thoughts, living in houses shaped like pyramids to channel earth's energy, grown men uncircumcising themselves and angry at their parents for mulilating them that way, Jerry Springer Show being brought into the classroom, the quality of the American citizen's critical thinking abilities are evident in this poll.

Do our citizens not want any more information about the President's busy private parts? They claim that while the cameras and tapes are rolling. The news shows are showing fantastic ratings and every avenue of media open to the traffic of Clinton dirt has seem business boom. The Starr report's release was the biggest day for the internet. Millions of us downloaded the report and eagerly read away and came to some conclusions. It was pretty reading,though I must admit I have yet to finish it. The narrative was the good part, also containing lists of characters like the juiciest of TV or big screen dramas. President Clinton has lived by the "photo-op", and well....you know the rest. Our MTV President was proudly played the saxophone for the teenagers, took the "boxers or briefs" question from the dreamy eyed girl, and leaping before the cameras to comment and involve himself into the minutia of daily life in this country has managed to steal center stage for possibly his last, certainly his greatest performance yet.

I just watched the Catherine Crier Report on Fox where one of her guests was Salon Magazine's Steve Talbot. It was a truly priceless performance where Catherine was composed and lovely as she is, maintained her cool as Mt. Talbot attacked, insulted, berated her with every twist. If her husband would have been in the crowd, for chivalry's sake, Mr. talbot deserved his teeth knocked out, both eyes beaten shut and his nose broken and leaning to the left. It was a bizarre and very embarrassing for all the (staff of 3?) at Clinton's Salon Magazine. Valium was in order for this pathetic, actually pitiful man who is so flustered and heartbroken that his President is on his Farewell tour.

My mean streak has shown in this observation of this show. Sorry. Mr. Steve Talbot has been on several radio and TV shows in the last few days. His demeanor varies from time to time, but he certainly is sweating these days as is his boss, the President. Everyone knows that Salon is a Leftist Rag for the Democrats and their loyalists in need of heavy morphine in these dark days of September. To say that Mr. talbot made a fool of himself is massive understatement. I took sheer joy in his performance and I can only imagine all his San Francisco Buddies watching him on TV feeling their heart sinking into their shoes as the temper tantrum was broadcasted into our homes. She was called an Elitist, slanted, biased, employee of Rupert Murdoch (forgive spelling) many other salvoes were launched and Lady Catherine smiled at this toddler in need of the kind of ass whipping you hear in the next room.

Bravo Catherine Crier and Fox News Network, you truly present both sides. Well done I am a commited viewer of several shows on this cable venture.

Did most of you assume that Mr. Steve Talbot didn't do very well on the show. He even claimed the Salon wasn't a partisan publication and that he wasn't partisan. Don't our nutty sparring partners on the Left know that they are partisans? Please....spare me! I will proclaim him the Bob MulHolland of San Francisco. (Mr. Mulholland is the California Democratic Party chairman who is real nasty, mean, vindictive, arguementitive bottom feeder who dropped such a stink bomb of slime Senator Barbera Boxer's opponent 3 days before the election, Even California DNC officals had to put Mr. Bob"Scorched Earth Policy" Mulholland to pasture after the outcry from the public.

Mark Levin got fed up with Mulholland's display and stated "You are low class act, Mr. Milholland!". It was really entertaining. These are the people I think about when I start to have a little mercy for the President. These are his most loyal soldiers and there is nothing Clinton could do to break them. I would like to thank them for stirring our troops. When they ask for Bipartisanship when the bomb is about to blow, and Clinton has to call "Starving Students Movers" or Uhaul, when the Secret Service has to sleep in bed between President and the first Lady to protect him, when the word "blow job" and "Clinton" become fused together permenantly and any shred of the Clinton Legacy has been pulverized to fine powder, I will not reach out. You can't work with people who really hate you. Liberals simply possess this ability to hate Republicans and dismiss them as Evil subhumans. I dislike Liberalism, passionately. I don't hate Liberals though. They are simply very misguided people. They mean well, at least most of them do and intentions may pave the road to hell but they count up here. Leftist ideas sound better than my ideas, but our ideas are better in the real world.

Am I in support of Clinton's political demise? Without question. Do I feel bad about watching go down? yeah, I do. Any regrets? well...As the philosipher Sid Vicious once said "too few to mention".


"Patrick Henry"