The OJ Clinton Saga

The similarities between the OJ Simpson Civil Trial and the Clinton Impeachment Trial are amusing. Both cases ended up where the they did due to jury nullification and in both cases, the actual facts were essentially irrelevant when it came to the verdict. Both cases were media circuses and in both cases, one side reacted emotionally and nothing on earth would sway them to see the truth as minds were simply made up before the trial even started. Both cases required the Defense to turn the tables on the Prosecution and put them on trial and created new villains such as Ken Starr and Mark Fuhrman to deflect attention. Any critical thinking being not blinded by vicious hatred or biases would have to conclude that same thing, "guilty as charged".

What betrayed the Democrat Party and their loathsome defense was when the Lewinsky Scandal first hit, the video cameras were rolling. Senators and Congressmen not knowing the future, assumed the worst and they proceeded to actually speak honestly. Those were the dark days of January 1998 when many were predicting the Clinton Administration meltdown in a matter of days or even hours. Insider polling concluded that the American People could understand and forgive the President for Adultery but Perjury was out of the question. To confess and come clean with the American People would mean the end of his presidency. At that point Clinton decieded the only way to pull this off would be to fight it. He brought in his Hollywood Producers, his operatives and his secret police to pull off the great deception.

What a difference a year makes. It's hard to believe that 13 months later, Clinton would have a nearly 70% job approval rating according to the polls and an equal number of people who believed he committed perjury. It's hard to understand how people can disapprove of the man's character and lack of morality, do not trust him, consider him dishonest but still support him and give him a favorable approval rating.

"The case has not been proven", so say the Democrat Senators regarding the Impeachment case and the vote to remove the President from office. These last few months have been a very sad episode for this country, not because there's a GOP "sex police" on the loose, not because Kenneth Starr in out to get us all, taping our conversations invading our privacy, but simply our stature as a nation, as a people, has been tarnished. The Baby boomers have definitely left us Generation X'ers a worse country than they were given them by the World War II generation.

It has been said that what this generation tolerates, the next generation will embrace. This episode is far more than mere partisan politics. I heard "testimony" from a Leftist Harvard professor during the impeachment debate in the house, and he revealed his absence of objectivity and his judgment blinded by his irrational hatred of the Right Wing.

The 1960's generation who rule the roost today have done something very unique in my lifetime. These are the same people who challenged the authority of the "Establishment" thirty years ago. I don't think the country-club Republicans of that day had ever dreamed of $50,000 a plate fund raising dinners. These former "radicals" of the 60's have become everything they hated back so many years ago. That is the beauty of the whole thing, the irony of our baby-boomer Politicians having sold their souls to the "devil". Power, adoration, fame, fortune and greed are the Gods of these phonies.

I'm not assailing the whole generation, only the Lefties who hated Nixon's illegal war and the cheapening of the office of the Presidency by Nixon's misdeeds. These same people now realize that the Military is now "Our Military", those planes and ships now "belong to us". They turn a blind eye to a Haiti Invasion, a shameful display in Somalia as our soldiers died because of a lack of support and we watch their mutilated bodies dragged in effigy behind defiant Somalis (all our tanks were in Waco, Texas with General Reno.) Our troops endure a meandering non-policy in Bosnia known as E Force, or Eternal Force as they never expect to go home. Now the infection spreads to Cosovo, and we threaten them with air strikes. I don't think they are too concerned that we'll dig in too deep. Iraq is a truly funny situation. Saddam is the only human being on earth who can make Clinton look stupid. Saddam has figured out how to play Clinton like a fiddle. He has turned world sentiment against the US through the United Nations.

The Chemical & Biological weapon inspection in Iraq was revealed this last year was a total fraud The only party wanting to find the weapons were the inspectors themselves. The UN only wanted us to leave Iraq alone, the security council and Secretary General actually discouraged us from surprising the Iraqi installations with inspections. There is little question that Secretary Albright and Clinton thwarted efforts to find these weapons of mass destruction, less we anger them and cause another crisis which we can observe on CNN. The President just wants to ride it out with Saddam, as long as nothings flares up and ends up on the headlines the next morning. The reality of Iraq possessing these weapons is of no consequence. The live of thousands of innocent people far away is a bargain if it keeps Clinton out of hot water and in office. This is criminal foreign policy, but it appears to be OK with the average, ignorant American Citizen because the economy is all right and they feel good about the direction of the country.

What really frosts me is that Clinton claims to be a Christian, a Southern Baptist. I would love to sit down with his pastor and find what the pastor thinks of the influence he has had on the President. I would wonder where he failed as a clergyman, if he had ever rebuked Clinton or counseled him to repent, essentially turn from his wicked lifestyle, to love his enemies or to "go and sin no more". I doubt it. I assume this "pastor" is an ear-tickler who talks of peace and love and the funniest PC Pseudo-Christian idea of all, "tolerance". The God Almighty himself has displayed plenty of "intolerance" in the past with Sodom & Gomorrah and the Army of Egypt or the rebels of Heaven who were cast down to the earth. The operative word that modern man has removed from his vocabulary is Judgment. They have fashioned a new entity in their lives, a non-judgmental "God-Light". A god who is less filling, no demands or commandments, ignores or even rejects the bible a religion without rules or standards, a church that doesn't have any walls or any members. This is what I think of when one of these people tell they are "spiritual" but not religious. I'm sure that most of these people I've described voted for and support President Clinton.

I must accept that not all the polls are wrong. More Americans want Clinton to stay in office than want him oustered. If we must be led by a felon, a manipulator of the masses, a congenital lair, an abusive and temperamental egomaniac, a hollow man with no soul, a coward who would hide behind women and children, who will mislead and infuriate the uneducated and the simpleminded, who will defecate on our constitution, pervert our laws and even the English language, who will do absolutely anything to remain in power even compromising our national security by accepting campaign money and selling nuclear secrets to our enemies, vilifying all opposition to him as evil and generally dividing and polarizing the American People to the degree of utter hatred and mistrust, gives the word treason new meaning, becoming the fuel of a thousand years of jokes, His name a new addition to our dictionary after the word "lair" or "Snake Oil Salesman", an excuse for all, young and old, to lie and cheat, destroyed our fighting spirit of our military, destroyed our image of the Presidency, making it necessary to fumigate the White House when they finally leave,................other than that, I think Clinton has done pretty well.

Mr President, don't worry. You will leave quite the legacy in your wake. The history books will have plenty to say about you. Not a day will go by without your name being mentioned. The Word Clinton is now a four letter word. The Clinton Presidential library will be the first to have an Adult, X rated section. Relax, your legacy is safe, so beat on your bongo drums, smoke that cigar and celebrate your victory over the law. We all saw the video tape and your wordsmithery. The truth is shining in your face like the sun. Just remember, even the luckiest man on earth's luck will run out eventually.

Thanks to Congressman Robert K. Dornan for reading this interesting scripture on Fox News Network's "Hannity & Colmes Show" on Saturday night. He read from Proverbs Chapter 6:16 and it was very fitting to the present.


Patrick Henry