The Million Youth March


I just finished watching Bill O'Rielly's show on the Fox News Network and it was excellent show to say the least. One segment was about the "Million Youth March" scheduled to take place on September 5th, 1998. Mr. O'Rielly interviewed 2 leaders of this march, Malik Z Shabazz and Quanell X, both spokesmen for Nation of Islam.It started off civil for a short spell and simply turned into a spirited, though unpleasant exchange. Bill O'Rielly started off by stating what the essential positive message would be. The event would be about "the guys getting together and taking responsibility for their lives, their communinities, families, ect. Mr. O'Rielly asked if there would be "White Devil" and Anti Semitic rhetoric in the speeches at the rally.

. They responded by reminding the viewers that "the White man is the devil" and that we had murdered, raped, stolen, oppressed; and that they are "sons of the slaves" and we are the "sons of the slave masters". They also stated that after 400 years of the American Holocaust they were going to rise up, with financial, political and cultural independence and self-reliance (I have no problem with that part) also with African-centered education, and though not stated clearly, separatism. The Anti-Jew statements were typical as if they came from the source, say a Khalid Muhammad (?) or a "Calypso Louie" Farrakhan.

I was able to watch much of the Million Man March on CSPAN and it was really an opportunity squandered by many blackleaders who spoke at the rally. Some noble efforts were made to soften the tone of the march, but in the end, The powerful voices were the hateful, sometimes poetic rantings of the FOI (Fruit Of Islam) representatives. I initially was very angry at the tone of much of the ideas and the rhetoric I heard. I was humored and also felt pity for these narrow minded, clueless human beings. How do I treat militant, black-separatists who express this "I'm going to get you and make you pay" attitude?

It's very simple. A racist is a racist. The Ku Klux Klan could not come up with a better self-destruct plan for the black community in America. A race that believes in their blood line and supremacy of that blood line are racists. When Hitler started upin the early 1930's it was simply a propaganda campaign. It was rhetoric not action, but it turned into other than words in a relatively short time.

After millions of lives lost, it seems Germany won't try that again and have had to repent and pay a tremendous price for what was done. I think they have done a fair job at that national repentance and even the symbol, the "swastika" is illegal in Germany to this day.

Blacks in America are a unique group in that many of their ancestors were not brought here by their own free will, but as slaves. After the Civil War, they were given freedom, and some say that's all they were given at that time. It took another 100 years to confront this country of the inequality and discrimination still dealt against black Americans. We have progressed a great deal and I believe Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. would be quite pleased id he could see what has happened in the decades since the Civil Rights Movement.

What is the problem with us in the year of our Lord ,1998? We are showing mistrust in our fellow citizen of different skin colors. It is not an even handed deal where blacks and whites are equally guilty. I believe that maybe 20% of our society would qualify as being bigoted or racists.I don't have the studies in front of me, but I think that is a safe number. I believe the are far more in the black community than that. It is not just ignorance but also it is misguided intelligent people (i.e.Camille Cosby-racist Afro centric intellectual). Did 50 people have to die in the LA Riots because Rodney King was beaten by some stupid cops? Those people has nothing to do with when the police officers should have stopped hitting him. Most people who rioted were opportunists, not revolutionaries and could you imagine if instead of Reginald Denny stopping some bricks with his head, he would have pulled out his Colt .45 Automatic with 6 or 7 extra magazines? I shudder to think how that would have played out.

My family never owned slaves, though my ancestors wiped out the native Indians of Puerto Rico 500 years ago with not so much Spanish muskets, but Smallpox I believe. Oops. My motto is get over it. It wasn't me, I didn't do it, so either dig up my great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, prop him up in a chair and hash it out with him, or just move on. I feel pity for these people who dislike or even hate because of the color of a person's skin. Whether they are trailer-rattling, backwoods living, peckerwood Klan boys or Harlem raised, major chip on the shoulder, inner city, Ebonics talking, "kill the white people" singing , black racists. I wish I could change them or get rid of them both. They have poison in their souls and I think it is largely incurable. This generation will have to die off and we'll have to start again.

Would these angry people be better off in Africa today, never to have landed on this blood soaked soil? I doubt anyone really believes that. The recent lesson of Africa is that you don't need to have Apartheid Afrikaners in power to have massive murder, hatred and injustice, happens just fine without the white man helping. Please don't assume I'm blaming this on pigment because that's not my point. Asia is a prime example of that one can have a traditional, industrious and homogeneous culture can manage to cause unbelievable carnage to a region of the world.

Now it's Europe turn: The same region that brought us Bach, Beethoven & Mozart, some of greatest thinkers of all time, also brought us 2 World Wars and the greatest killer of all time, socialism/Communism.

America has always and will always be affected by racism. America is also the least racist country on the earth. Both of these are true and both statements can coexist. There is no other country anywhere that has the population and 110 different thnicities that gets along nearly as well as we do as a nation. Would any of these unhappy Americans who hyphenate their ethnicity even consider leaving this country and returning to their country of origin. I seriously doubt it.

Racism was present when the founding father put together the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Slavery was also universal in that it was practiced everywhere. The US was somewhat a unique situation in that all our slaves were from the continent. Slavery was first banned in England shorty before our Civil War. We soon followed suit. Slavery was described by some as a rattlesnake underneath the table where they signed our national documents , or also referred to as holding a wolf by the ears, one is not comfortable holding on to the wolf's ears, but one dare not let go because what might happen. White folks went to war and killed each other by the hundreds of thousands, a million wounded, the precedented loss of property and incredible suffering to settle this issue. Lincoln's new political party, the Republican Party, or "Black Republicans" as some were called them, managed to hold the country together through a civil war. We really became the U.S. of A at that time when these lofty ideas were put to the test and the Republic stood.

Now there are Black, Hispanic, American Indian, Asian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Women (feminist), Gay and Lesbian, lawyersgroups for all the above, clubs and fraternities for the same, separate history classes and studies for most on the above and it's becoming a more dominant way of thinking. It has been said some of these groups will eventually demand separate restrooms and drinking fountains, just like the good old days. Every group is fighting for their own selfish interests and to hell with everybody else.

Does any person naturally find comfort around another person just because they have the same skin color? What does a Black African man from Kenya have in common with a Black American man from Pasadena, California? Nothing. Wouldn't a white or Hispanic man who is his friend, shares his values, lives down the street, families meet for a picnic, or goes to the same church have more similar values?

At the same time when all these groups who I call "the America Stinks Choir" are going on and on about how unfair life is in the United States of America, "Educrats" (political academia, education bureaucrats), push this venom into young people, while removing from the history books our shared American Culture, our lessons, our victories, our defeats, our heroes, revising our history and simply chipping away at every foundation that has sustained us and kept us anchored as Americans. We hear how George Washington was a slave owner and he had wooden teeth. Some insist Abraham Lincoln didn't really want to free the slaves, that we are the only nation in the world to detonate nuclear weapons on civilians in Japan and how could we do such a thing, We are polluting the whole damned world with our capitalistic excesses, the Chevy Suburban is one of the greatest threats to the environment today (o.k. I took a little liberty on the last one), you get the picture. Goals 2000 is the name of our new view of American History. Check into it.

I will conclude that the racist hate mongers are hard to convert. To many, it is in their hearts and minds and it is uncurable. I would like to take the Ku Klux Klan, Aryan Nation, Nation of Islam, MECHA, Atzlan (Chicano Nationalists who want to take back the western United States for Mexico), the ACLU for egging them on and all other America-Haters who live here into a coliseum and allow them to kill each other until all the bad blood mixes together, becomes one, and in death they are what they could never be in life, United.


Patrick Henry

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