Being led by an incredibly flawed, charismatic Leader


It has been nearly 7 months since the ignition of this firestorm, and it has been revealing about the nation at large. Tempers continue to flair, opinions vary and excuses abound. The talking heads on TV and the President's apologists steadily feed the public with their spin. It seems as Mr. Clinton is indeed untouchable. He is scheduled to Testify at the White House with video cameras rolling and Starr's people present. Monica Lewinsky will also sing eventually and the dress has now surfaced. That cursed dress with caused so much heat on the press for being irresponsible has suddenly reappeared. Interesting indeed. Is he tired? How much more of this can he stand. I once heard from a very level headed man I have great respect for that " The President may very be re-elected, but he will wish the other guy (Senator Dole) got the job". This was just before the 1996 election. We shall see.

Who is this William Jefferson Blythe Clinton really? There are certainly no others like him. My emotions span the spectrum when it comes to how I view him. He is very different from any other President. I was well informed on Clinton when he first showed up on the national scene and he has surpassed by far, what I had expected. He has almost superhuman powers to avoid what would normally crush a conventional Politician. He steps in all the cow pies in the field (barefoot) but seems to keep a good pace, unfazed by the nastiness between his toes.

Enough of the American voting public have been given what they asked for in the '92 and '96 elections. The now have a common man for a President. He is a VERY common man. I have observed him for countless hours and thanks to video tapes and such, only a fool could say he's an honest person. My mentor says on occasion " He's a man who does not value truth very much". This comes from a great thinker who doesn't follow scandals and has criticized the President as often as he's complimented him, which is rarely. Volumes could be written by simply researching archives and speeches and it would be frightening to see on paper. He in so slick that nearly every state is constructed with an escape hatch, to get him out of scrutiny. The Press has rarely called him on these "Lawyerese" remarks he makes. I think it pathological in nature and he really either believes what he's saying, or he just can't help it. It's just natural for him to think and operate like that.

Clinton wants to be liked by everyone. He has always been like that as I can gather. From what I have heard, when you're one on one with him, he's focused on you and he makes you feel like the most important person on earth. John Travolta once said " I met him, and wow!!! He seduced me!" (not in the sexual sense). He is a powerful presence and and I can't take that from him.

He also possesses a horrible temper and has displayed it many times, both with the public and towards reporters. He likes things done his way. He thinks that anyone who disagrees with his ideas is evil. They are the enemy. It is impossible to be opposed it the Clinton Agenda and be a decent, loyal American as far as he's concerned. As Al Gore has said " We are the extra chromosome types". We are basically retarded, back woods hay seeds, rifle in racks of our pick-ups, six packs on the weekends, a little wife-beating, nice campfire to sport our new white sheets and hoods, and football on the TV and we're fine. This is the elitist attitude we must contend with. It makes it difficult to have a civilized conversation with someone when the think you're the Antichrist.

What has happened to the White House is it has been heavily tarnished. The President is simply a joke. He is the fuel of thousands of jokes with end in sight. President Bush was fired for what the American People perceived to be a lie. He had no intention of raising taxes at the time, but was convinced by Congress that if he raised taxes, they would cut the budget accordingly. It never happened and Mitchell and Foley later would attack the President for keeping to the deal. Was that a lie?

Feminism has been discredited by the behavior the President. He has singlehandedly destroyed the movement. A liberal politician can grab a few asses, admire and fondle a breast here and there, tell a woman to kiss "it", tell a woman that he knows your boss and to keep this incident private, ask the secret service for names and numbers, business cards of lovely women in the crowd, get oral pleasure from interns in the office, feed his insatiable, consuming fire of an appetite for legions of women and as long as you vote the right way on women's issues. That's the reality of feminism in America today. It really was leftist politics all along and not equality for women.

The "Spin-Miesters" (i.e. Mike McCurry) couldn't even give us a straight answer whether the President was subpoenaed weeks ago. I don't know how he sleeps at night. To be the spear catcher of President, to lie, avoid answering, mislead, evade, confuse and simply muddy the waters when American People want the truth is disgusting. I don't remember previous administrations press secretaries being like this.

Our expectations in a President are gone now. We expect to be lied to over and over again because they are all liars, aren't they? A good politician must be a lair, right? As long as the economy is decent we don't care what he does in private. Right? As long as it doesn't affect the job he does we don't care. Do we want to impeach a President because of a sex scandal? I hear it all the time. If we got rid of all the adulterers in Congress, we'd have no one left.

The shame he has brought to America is unprecedented. The world abroad laughs at us and they don't trust the President. Our allies around the world are very nervous as we have lost our respect and our ability to react with authority to situations with force. Our military is a shell of what it was even 7 years ago during Desert Storm. Our soldiers are leaving the military because it has become a social experiment and our seasoned pilots are leaving to fly civilian commercial aircraft instead of defending our flag. Our Navy's ship return to port with our female sailors pregnant in incredible numbers. Our Soldiers in Bosnia call their job "E Force" with the "E" menacing eternal, knowing that our military serves the blue helmet UN commander with no viable military objective.

Clinton's friends have described him as a kaleidoscope, able to change colors in an instant to suit his surroundings, pro union when he's before the union members in the morning and then pro NAFTA and pro GATT when he's before big business interests in the evening.

He has been called an empty suit because he has no core beliefs that he holds sacred, the hollow man and the classic nickname "Slick Willy" as he could sell an Eskimo an air conditioner or ice maker.

The bottom line is this: His legacy is what he's working on now. What will be this legacy of his? I think that is mostly taken care of at this point. There is still plenty to come. What President Clinton will leave behind in his wake is unknown. I suspect it will be rather unsavory. He has actually effected the American soul. Maybe as it's been said before, we've seen the enemy, and the enemy is us. Maybe Americans are as gullible, ignorant and uninformed as this administration thinks they are. America's might deserve to be governed by someone who is as morally bankrupt as many of it's citizens appear to be. Maybe we are so fattened by the good life and so free that our moral compasses are simply broken. Some say we will not unify as a nation until we are faced with a national calamity so serious that we snap back into shape. There are signs of such an event on the horizon. May we live to have that opportunity.


Patrick Henry

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