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A Decade of Reflection

I am working on my first writing in about 10 years now. What a decade that it has been!

A lot has happened since the end of the 1990's! Blogging... the WiFi revolution, iPhones and Blackberrys, text messaging and all the new trappings. I have a few things to express looking back at a very different world. I have most of a decade having walked away from the political world. I never missed an election, but I stayed away for quite a spell.

This page will be added to as I have time to jot down a few things. How to process the eight years of President Bush, September 11th, the War on Terror, the financial meltdown? Yep... I will do my best to share my thoughts for any people who care to read on.

There are Tea Parties going on all over the nation today and I can imagine there are folks from every walk of life, common folks who want to stand up and make a statement about government spending that is out of control. It's pretty neat how all of this got started with Rick Santelli on CNBC not too long ago. I am amazed how it resonated with lots of people. The last time I was part of anything historical was for the the President Reagan funeral. I tried to pay my respects when they had the flag draped casket at the Reagan library before they flew Reagan back to DC and had the service at the national cathedral. The traffic was so slow, travelling about 1 mile an hour, that after about 3 hours I had to bail out at about 2:30 in the morning. I was really bummed out but I couldn't handle it.

I was able to head back to Simi Valley when they flew back and it was a thrill when we saw Air Force One fly overhead and land at Point Mugu and with my 3" portable TV, we were able to see the motorcade headed back in our direction. The people along the motorcade were fantastic, pure Americana, people from all races and backgrounds and I made some friends in the crowd. There was a fire station across the street and when the motorcade drove by, the firefighters were snapped into salutes honoring our great leader who "now belonged to the ages". I was very touched to be part of it. I thought back to my teenage years and the dumb sticker I had on my old scooter back in the 1980's. I didn't put the sticker on my Honda, but I traded a tall 20 hole set of red Dr. Martens for this beat up Honda Passport 70cc scooter that belongs to another punk rocker friend of mine. One of the stickers was "REAGAN HATES ME" and had his picture too. I was embarrassed to think about it now. It was silly kid stuff as the reality was.....that the old man, Ronald Reagan, our great President, broke the backs of the Russians and instilled fear in our foes. I like the nickname that Rush Limbaugh called him sometimes, "Ronaldus Magnus" and I find the nickname fitting. I might post some of the pics from the Reagan Funeral sometime on this website. We shall see.

I plan to hopefully attend a local Tea Party in Yorba Linda later on this afternoon. I gotta work and keep the wheels a turning with the business and nickels coming in. I will take my Sony camera in my pocket and hope to have some pics for anyone interested. I have decided to retire the "Patrick Henry" name and give it back to the great Virginian who owns it and sign this with my own nickname, William Partisan39.

UPDATE: Here are a couple of pics from today's Yorba Linda Tea Party which I attended. Good job guys! I will share some thoughts about today soon. To Be Continued?

Update: August 7 2009 - I keep saying that I am going to share a few thoughts about the Global Warming / Climate Change Cult that has captured the hearts and minds of millions of gullible Americans. More soon!






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