Hate Radio and the Right Wing Conspiracy

There has been alot of talk about "Hate Radio" in the last few months from the spin doctors and mainstream media. It is as these horrific messages are pulsating and penetrating the fertile, simple minds of the minions. The truth is there certainly plenty of paranoia and conspiracy on the AM waves. There is also solid information that is discussed months or even years before if ever it is mentioned on network news. I have followed talk radio here in LA since the summer of 1992 and have heard all manner of topics. It has been quite a ride.

Talk radio is also one of the few media where conservatives have free roam. It's not totally owned by the right and actually almost half of the talk radio hosts are moderates or even liberals. Liberals are not real successful in talk radio (ask Mario Cuomo, Mr. Hightower and Tom Leykis.) They however, have the same shot of getting listeners and keeping their shows on the airways. The popular shows are right of center (sometimes very right of center.)

The other media free to conservatives is print media, mainly in the editorial pages. In this media, they are usually countered by an opposing opinion. On television, a conservative is usually opposed by 3 liberals and that's considered an even lineup. On the shows I've seen, when a claim is made from the right, it is usually questioned or challenged and proof of the claim or allegation is demanded. The left gets away with bizarre and inflated claims and imflammitory rhetoric. Whether it's 100,000 new police officers on the streets, 10 million new jobs, 55,000 people dieing from 2nd hand smoke every year, both political parties being equally guilty of receiving illegal campaign funds and Republicans are out to get immigrants, these claims are flying around unchallenged.

My main point is this: How can a loyal American disagree with the President, the Democratic leadership and their vision for America and not be a hate monger? They have labeled all opposition as extremists and now conspirators. George Will said on KABC 's Nightline last night that "The essential ingredient in a conspiracy is a total lack of evidence." Bravo. When anyone challenges these people on the facts it is called an attack. When anyone opposes their ideas it is called hate. This is certainly totalitarianism. Tolerance is actually to be open to views to the left of them according to the Left.

People ignorantly still feel fearful of the Religious Right. "I don't want them in my bedroom" some say. My challenge is this: What has The Religious Right inflicted on our society in the last decade? What restrictions or ideas have they imposed on the People of the United States? Who has caused more harm to the nation? It is without question, the Left. Liberalism. here are some examples:

1. Emphasizing "Multi-Culturalism" which has caused people to be preoccupied with the color of people's skin, be it on a jury, college dorms and groups, music awards, music television channels, civil rights groups (who have outlasted their usefulness), voters who support a specific candidate because he or she shares the candidate's ethnicity, proposing that only an ethnic minority can teach others about a certain culture, adopting babies only to parents of the same race and teaching young children in their native language instead of English (handicapping them). These will lead to "Balkanization" and we could eventually become another Bosnia if we continue on this path.

Others I will just mention are the EEOC and the chaos they have caused in the workplace, trillions of dollars poured into the inner cities which has destroyed the will of the people living there, replacing fathers with a government check, removing the self determination of people with the security of the state, filling our prisons with young men who are the product of this arrangement, many black people believing that this is essentially a racist country which is out to get them (can you name a less racist nation on earth?), turning our top notch Military into a pathetic social experiment where in basic training one can hold up the "blue" card when training is too strenuous and making sure our "soldiers who are trained to kill people and blow up things" don't sexually harass women, a generation of people who believe there is no objective truth and everything is relative, the elevation of the status of animals while lowering the status of humans, lowering our expectations of our elected officials to unbelievable levels, removing every vestige of the American Culture from the landscape and destroying all that has built this nation.

Patrick Henry

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