You Can't Buy Both Guns & Butter

On occasion, a trickle of information comes out about the ongoing saga of Chinese Communist Government Espionage. It seems that Americans really don't care. The Cox Report is expected to be released soon and has lots of very damning information about the Clinton Administration's dealing with these hostile nations. There are only 2 possibilities on what to conclude about our Government (the Democrat Party) and their desire to be re-elected.

One possibility is that Clinton and his cronies are simply inept. The have no idea what the hell they are doing and are clue less to how the world really works. It could be idealistic naivete which is rather common with many of the 1960's former radicals. They might think that since they are better people and care more than previous Administrations, no harm will to come to us by possibly compromising our very national security. They have accepted campaign funds from actual operatives of foreign governments disguised as lobbyists or representatives of international industries. There are presently 10,000 college students annually who come to the US every year and it would seem reasonable for them who's allegiance is to China to involve themselves in transferring technology important to building up their military might. It is believed that China now has the largest network of operatives who are spying on the United States. At the same time, we are are scaling back our ability for defend our country.

The other, much scarier possibility is that these compromises in our national security were intentional. It's now been reported that The Chinese Communist operatives were able to steal secrets relating to virtually every major nuclear weapon system the U.S. now possesses. Clinton's cronies also permitted the Chinese to purchase "dual-use" technologies in the form of super computers which will modernize their nuclear weapons programs, combined with the multiple warhead re-entry technology they have sold them in return for 1996 Democratic Party campaign funds, these people have threatened the safety and security of the United States of America with a risk that may be realized a decade from now.

Some claim that both parties are guilty of this desperate measure for re-election. They hope both parties are equally guilty of this essentially treasonous action. I don't think the facts will bear this out. The Democrats are feverishly looking for the smoking gun that points to the GOP. If there is no smoking gun, these political leaders will do down in the history books as despicable human beings who betrayed their country for political power and remaining in that power they lust so deeply. The President has managed to politicize the Dept. of Justice, especially the Attorney General Janet Reno who has prevented the investigation of this China-Gate scandal, stonewalled the efforts to get to the truth and even pitted the FBI against the Attorney General. The word "traitor" once again comes to mind when I reflect on all that A.G. Janet Reno has allowed to go unanswered.

The war in Kosovo continues, our bombs continue to drop and our billions of dollars go up in smoke along with the buildings in Belgrade. One target turned to be the Chinese Embassy. China's response was fierce as they essentially reached across the sea and punched Clinton in the eye. My first response to the embassy bombing was shock, but my sometimes sick sense of humor took over and the following few days were a laugh riot. I found it hysterical! Clinton's response to the incident and his repeated apologies to the point of groveling, the sheer humiliation was priceless.

Any questions about Clinton's incompetence in his ability to conduct war have been answered. That is obvious. Support for this Kosovo Operation is paper thin. The polls state that a solid majority do support the war, even to the point of sending in ground troops. Clinton is so yellow, such a coward that in his mind, this war must continue to be casualty free. Our Apache helicopters have been there for some time now, but they are simply props, like on a movie set. These helicopters will not be used because there would certainly be losses of life of our soldiers. The American people do not have the stomach to sacrifice blood for this dubious cause. The first sight of body bags would solidify the end of support for this wasteful exercise. Melosevic will be the winner of this "war" and the spin doctors will not be able to override the truth.

I'm sure if there is some settlement with Melosevic, some will parade around is if there was some victory achieved. I'm sure Clinton will pound his chest, some will laud him as our Commander in Chief and call his leadership and effort a success. Meanwhile, the Serbs will have to agree to some autonomy for Kosovo while 100's of thousands of homeless Kosovars are now basically Macedonians or Albanians. Clinton has managed to hasten the flood of refugees out of the country. The Chinese will influence the peace keeping force who will be a permanent fixture of the Yugoslavian landscape. NATO will not be the bulk of the troops, but the UN instead. China and Russia will once again show us that they are not our friends. They are still the enemy and the philosophy the Communists espouse is still alive and well. The merchants of death of tens of millions of lives in this century, the greatest killers of all time have not yet been defeated. They still consider the U.S. their enemy. You can hear this in the broadcasts meant for local consumption and in the rhetoric Boris Yeltsin and the Chi-Coms use about the U.S. to their masses. I wish we'd realize this and regain some dignity in the world community.


Patrick Henry

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