October 7th, 1998

A funny thing happened to me.............
Last Thursday, I had a large COD package delivery at my door and had to get some cash from the bank. I was en route back to my house when I noticed a car tailgating me. The car suddenly pulled up along side me, I looked over and a old man hurled curses at me, extended his middle finger at me repeatedly (the International peace symbol) and pulled in front of me. I was unnerved and upset by this rude gesture. I was surprised when this car in front of me turned in the same street where I live. This nasty old goat of an obviously partisan Democrat was one of my neighbors. He did not like my "Impeach Clinton" or "Bob Dornan" bumper stickers..... I suppose.
I got in the flesh, and honked my horn repeatedly and returned the finger gesture. He actually turned his car around and came to rest in his car, alongside the sidewalk next to my house. This man was not very smart. He got out of the car and started cursing at me and threatening to "shove my bumper stickers up my ass!". He told me to come out to the street where he was going to kick the @%&* out of me. He didn't approve of my political position. I asked him what was his problem. I told him I was merely expressing my Freedom of Speech. I wanted to know why I wasn't free to express my particular point of view. he didn't accept that and escalated the situation.
I sensed trouble and didn't know who he was, so before we had our exchange, I had unlocked my front door so I could go for my Heckler & Koch UPS Compact .45 Automatic if the situation warranted. I also had a police issue 3 oz. OC pepper spray in my pocket for a lesser response if that's where this was going.
He repeatedly threatened me, and I didn't have time for his bull@%&* so I made his intentions clear. "Are you threatening me?" as the great Beavis had said before. He stepped closer to me and and I drew a "bead" right on his face. I told him if he wanted to continue I was going to blast him down with the scalding stuff. He told me to put that @%&* down, and then proceeded to hurry back to his car as if going to get something else. That's when I got scared that he had a gun, so I started to retreat and shouted "What? you have a gun or something?, You want to play that game? All right...I'll show you mine!".
I thought I heard him say something about a pipe. Was he going to attack me with a pipe? My neighbors were watching, as was the truck driver who was still waiting to collect my COD in my driveway. If he walked up to my property with a gun, or the steel pipe. I was going to tactically respond and when my life was in eminent danger, I was ready to kill the old codger with my H&K. He had brought the engagement to door and to the ground of my choosing and he was in serious danger. Did he really want this to happen and was Bill Clinton really worth this pending gunfight?
We got his license plate and I didn't see that he wasn't ready to shoot it out as I was ready. He never saw my weapon, so I was in no trouble for flashing my pistol. I called the police and they logged it down for the records. I got his plate number and I know where he lives now. I have the high ground and am ready for most anything people dish out. I usually have a firearm close by and nobody knows. I am a peace loving soul who lives my Murphy's Law and not too much gets past me.
The moral of the story is this: Some claim the Right Wing is intolerant. There are haters and racists on the Right, but From this incident, and what I saw on TV where a bunch of Teamsters (impotent, uneducated, quasi-Socialist, Union thug types) were beating up a group of people protesting the President with signs, to a Independence Day protest out here where real live "Reds" from the World Workers Party thumped on a group of elderly veterans who were opposed to Proposition 187 who were flying the American flag, The message is obvious. Many Leftists are totalitarians. They are willing to hurt innocent people for their beliefs. They really hate us on the Right. I really don't hate my opposition. I want to defeat their ideas, but not hurt anyone. I am not a pacifist and I will respond accordingly to those who deserve other than mercy, with malice.
The verdict is in as of 1998. There is a Ethical Civil War at his time. Part of me welcomes it and the other part of me is fearful of that his means. What type of "war" will this be? Will it be physical fighting or simply a war of words. When your opponent thinks you're the Anti Christ, is simply lessens the option of a civil dialogue. Rhetoric is burning hot and no sign of letting up. I will react to whatever comes my way. I also cry for my Nation in that her soul is sick and we are on a steep decline. The future is bleak.Humm....well... I'm glad I kept my cool and didn't have to hurt the old man.

"Patrick Henry"


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