updated April 18th 1999

Operation FUBAR

"Fubar" is an ancient Slavic word that seems to be very fitting for today's world. Fubar could translate as "dumb Yankees have stepped in bear droppings". It could also mean "American President is way over his head". How about "James Carville and the spin doctors have no effect over here". No. I think it means "We Serbs beat Hitler's War Machine 50 years ago so if you're going to beat us you better bring a meaner dog to the fight.
There are many disturbing stories floating around the airways, particularly in the "alternative media". One is that The President ignored the unanimous advise against initiating this Kosovo campaign in the matter he did. The Political Left are missing in action in their opposition to this war since it's one of their own calling the shots. Clinton is asked what is next, what is "phase 4" in the war. He has to look over his shoulder to Mr. Sandy Berger to bail him out. He did not have the answer to what was next. We have started this war and now we experience that our Military has been compromised and Clinton's budget cuts have been devastating. What we've done these last 26 nights of bombing has involved moving mass aircraft and equipment, ships and aircraft carriers from Europe and the Middle East. We are involved militarily in more countries at this time than at any other time in history. We are defending ourselves with a Military comparable to what we had 1939 when the world was last at war. Iraq must be chuckling at this time since as they can safely resume the production of Chemical and Biological weapons since the inspections of the facilities suspected of containing these components. They never really wanted to find the weapons as both Clinton and the U.N. wanted to avoid conflict with Iraq so they chose to ignore the violations.
Slobodan Milosevic has now received the "Ken Starr" treatment. He has been villianized as are all other opponents of the Clinton Aministration. I hear the mindless ranting of the Clintonista Loyalists who throw around words like "another Hitler", "genocide" and even "holocaust". They see the same pictures and video footage that I've seem of innocent civilians from have fled their country. The difference is I would not make desicions being led by my emotions. If we jumped into every conflict on the globe at this time where innocents are being raped or killed, where "Ethnic Cleansing" was taking place, it would be ridiculous.
I am moved deeply by the suffering of the refugees. The problem is no one is entirely without blame. Atrocities have been commited by all sides, though to be honest I think the Serbs have done more than their share of horrible inhumane acts. If we are ogligated to get involved because there are people suffering and being killed, we also owe the People of the Sudan or any other of the dozen places where far greater atrocities, numbers reaching millions of dead. Some reports say the actual number of people killed in Kosovo is 2,000. It appears that NATO bombing has instigated the possible accelerated activity of political killing. There could be these mass graves as I saw on the television reports. I don't have the answer on how to stop these people from killing each other. A few years ago, it was the Serbs on the run as the KLA had beaten them back out of Bosnia. This is a civil war and we should all know by now that we, the United States, can't win a civil war in another country far away. We learned this in Korea and Vietnam so we must really think this through.
Some say if we back down to this crisis, NATO will be crushed and all credibility will be lost. NATO's credibility is hardly a concern of mine. I don't think we should sacrifice one American life for NATO's name. This puts me in step with much of the Left Wing Peaceniks and the Far Right Isolationists. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day, so I have no problem being in agreement on this one. There is no such thing as on the job training when Politicians lead us to war and put our young men (and women, unfortunately) to battle. Clinton and Madeline Albright will not be able to BS our way out of this situation. I have only fear for all of us in that they are making life and death decisions and these Bozos have no idea what in the hell they are doing. I hope the losses will be minimal and that the history books will not be kind to these amateur politicians who have started an imoral little war. (Sorta funny after looking back at what these very same people were saying about the Vietnam War).
I wonder if there is a way Clinton could totally lose face on this one without the loss of life. Our President wants this war to be a "bloodless war". That's pretty hard to do. I don't think this will be the case.
Patrick Henry