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Once apon a time, Reagan was the President of the United States. The USSR still openly admitted they had nuclear missiles aimed at us. MTV had no effect our movement. 1984 was a scary year often mentioned in song. We had to buy tapes and LP's to hear our music as it was not played on the radio stations. Cigarettes were tolerated at school and we had to throw our butts into an ashtray in front of our Principal at the front gate. You could actually bring a knife or a coughdrop or even a Tylenol to school without the (brown shirts) "Zero Tolerance" policy expelling the students from school. We had a pot smoking wall next to the school parking lot where we would daily prepare our heads for school. At 15 1/2 years old, I only had to attend school from 8:00 to 11:20 AM at the Continuation High School I attended. Tragedies could happen from time to time without bringing out the Crisis Counselors, the head shrinkers and touchy feely-types to help us cope with an auto accident, suicide or murder. CA Dept of Health Services didn't lie to us and tell us drug were not fun, continued


(Heroin, Cocaine, Tobacco, Caffeine, Aspirin=all drugs) according to our drug counselors would have been laughed at, Being heterosexual was actually still the norm and the standard. Slam Dancing replaced the word Skanking. Girls on the shoulders of guys at Punk Rock gigs got thier butts goosed and other parts squeezed and we'd never heard the word Sexual Harrassment. Music was much more cool than it is today. England was ruled by an Iron Lady, not an pleasant, moral, carbon copy of our Photo-Op President. Our music roared with vile obscenities yet did not bear Al Gore's Wife's "Parental Advisory" sticker on the cover. We were the center of the universe and we were the coolest, most intense people on earth and no one could stop us. President Clinton running for President would have been laughed off the stage. Mike Ness of Social Distortion had arms devoid of tattoos as did I, the first time I saw the band at the Olympic Auditorium in 1983. We assembled pipe bombs from hardware store components which we detonated (harmlessly) in the ditch behind our houses, in the middle of a field or in a tree branch. We considered them just real big firecrackers that could possibly kill you if they went off next to you. I think if the police would have found one, they would have pulled out the fuse, untwisted the cap and poured out the powder instead of clearing city blocks & evacuating the public. I bought my first handgun at 16 and all the sudden my buddy's dad was missing a .25 Automatic. It accompanied me on rare occasion. LSD was something we did every so often and we didn't stay "baking" or "frying" forever like the movies or schoolbooks said. Sex, Drugs & Violence was our motto. We did wrong, we sinned, but most of us still believed we were sinning as there were still standards of right and wrong. I can romanticize the past now and remember some fun, crazy times, but back then it was just daily living with plenty of low times.

    By the time I was in 6th grade, I had several years of ignoring homework, defying my teachers, backtalking to my parents
 and now I was heading to Junior High School. I was a small kid, awkward, not terribly popular and I was introduced to a new,
 angry, powerful music and the anti-movement that propelled it from the underground. My intense personality, outgoing and 
vocal manners and unsettled spirit made me a natural candidate for what I called my first true love, Punk Rock. I will never forget 
seeing thousands of leather, flight and Jeans jackets, Dr. Martens and Creepers, cases of Aqua-Net extra super hold hair spray 
and Knox gelatin holding up our hairstyles, somber, mean, empty expressions on our faces, fear, hatred, the loudest, ear-piercing 
shrill of the music that you could feel in your bones and cause your ears to ring long after I'd lie down to go  to sleep. I remember
 the Punk Rock gangsters and later, masses of hundreds of skinheads lining the whole stage of the Olympic and the greatest bands 
up there cranking out the tunes, The smell of cigarettes, pot, puke, beer, sweat, leather, hairspray, cloves, supercools and the heat 
from the stressed sound systems  will never leave my memory.

When we were doing our thing, the baby boomers, the 1960's former radicals were still waiting for their day in the sun. They were not yet in control of our government. Other than my dear parents and a few other bright minds of this generation, I largelyblame them for their bullcrap ideas that have essentially destroyed my country. I think the 1960's were a terrible decade, a very violent and turbulent time for the United States. Punk Rock was a just punishment to the grief the Baby Boomers gave their parents a few decades before. I think Grandma and Grandpa, though they were unpleased with the appearance of their grandkids, must of smirked quietly with once being in the the parents shoes, now being the retired observer and only privy to the occasional complaining phone call on how rotton the kid has been. It is an ancient curse. Now it's my turn to take a crack at it. My revolution is no longer the revolution of my youth. I still possess the passion I did in the summer of 1984. Now, I'm an avid politico and a husband of 8 years. Life is much more complicated now, but I have few regrets. My parents have forgiven me long ago, I no longer shake my fists at heaven, but thank him daily for seeing me this far. I now have clarity of thought, a passion for justice, much of the classic populist ideals without the misguided naive socialist leadings, I loathe the Left and fight them at every turn, those who would destroy that which we have tried to build for 220 + years, those who, in their selfishness are blinded to the truth that they are more free in country than on anywhere on earth.


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 Majority Leader Dick Armey, a comrade and me.  Vice President Dan Quayle & me.  another picture with the Vice President.  KABC radio talk show host Larry Elder & me.  Congressman Ed Royce, me & my comrade.  Congressmen Dick Armey & Billy Tauzin   Actor Earnest Borgnine (well known anti taxer)