The Monica Lewinsky Scandal

Well...It looks like the President has stepped in quite the cow pie this time. There were plenty of bimbo eruptions that have gone by the wayside, but this scandal has managed to stick. His response to the media yesterday was less than convincing. Some who heard his careful words and who are already familiar with his manner of speech were troubled by a few choice words he used. "There IS not a sexual relationship, an improper sexual relationship or any other improper relationship."

Mr President....WAS there a sexual relationship? He said there is not a sexual relationship. Another question I has was what does he mean by "improper". That's a very interesting word he used. What is improper to the president? It it proper as long as 2 adults consent? What if she would have been only 18? When does it become improper? I believe he was not misspeaking. He later used a double negative in responding to the allegation of Mr Vernon or the President might have urged her to lie under other oath before Mr Starr. Humm..Do you think he wanted her to come clean and tell the truth. "That he did NOT urge anybody to NOT tell the truth." What does that mean? He did tell Gennifer Flowers to tell the truth, didn't he?

Could all this be merely another Right Wing attack from "Hate Radio" or the legion of enemies he has? After all, there are plenty who really do hate the man. I don't think so. The adultery is not the explosive issue here. We have become calloused to that aspect of this man. Enough of the American People have decided that this does not matter. It's the possible felony perjury charges and obstructing justice that may very well bring him down.

There is still plenty to uncover to get to the bottom of this scandal. One bit of pleasure I take in this it was the Democrats that started this Independent Counsel deal with President Reagan, ran up a huge tab chasing President Bush ($20 million more than Kenneth Starr has spent) led by Mr. Walsh (a Republican?), Edwin Meese and the cufflinks, Oliver North and the security fence, Robert Bork and his treatment by the Democrats, Clarence Thomas and the nomination hearings, the mantra of "investigating even the appearance of impropriety regarding the President". This they sowed to the wind and they reaped the whirlwild. I thank GOD that this has happened. There is nothing better than these folks tasting their own medicine.

Memories are failing. President Reagan had to contend with a vicious partisan congress. He managed to get his point across with out attacking his emenies. You could disagree with him and still be a decent and sincere thinking human being. The left does not extend this same courtesy to the right of center.

I've had many arguments with lefties, Marxists, pagans, ect. and the reoccurring theme seems to be that Conservatives are EVIL. They jack booted, flag waiving Nazis who want to starve children, throw old folks on the street, put gays in concentration camps and kill the poor. It is hard, to say the least, to have a decent discussion with someone who thinks you're a monster. I think liberals are misguided. Liberalism is well intentioned, sounds lovely on paper and makes people feel good. It is much easier to campaign and promise the world to the voting public. To tell the public that we'll all have tighten our belts, rely less on government doesn't sound quite as appealing.

Government does nothing for me. I want my relationship with them to be a distant one. I am a partisan, but not totally blinded by my partisanship. I do and will essentially eat my own when the screw up. I was glad when they made Robert Packwood walk the plank. If Newt Gingrich pulled some funny business, lied about one thing or another and got caught I support taking care of him. If there was substance to his violations, get rid of him. I voted against Pete Wilson for governor when he was talking his moderate talk, being wishy washy, so I voted for an unknown Ron Unz (a businessman).

Call me selfish, but I hope the President gets impeached. I know it will hurt the Country, but I think valuable lessons will be learned. Remember the slogan "It's the economy, stupid?."or how about "Character doesn't matter!", or even "Who cares what he did fifteen years ago before he was president?." The most ethical and honest administration in history is what we were told we would get with this bunch. I don't think he has delivered on this promise.

President Clinton is by far the slickest politician I've ever seen. He is quick on his feet, smooth as glass and a master when he's one on one dealing with people. and even his friends compare him to a kaleidoscope who can change colors in a moment's notice, or even compare him to a chameleon. But is an empty suit, a hollow man, a man without a soul. I find him to be a tragic human being. not a bad guy, but a man who tries to make everybody like him and who does not value truth very much. The history books will not be kind to this man when all is said and done.

Well.... enough for now. I could go on forever about this one.There's one thing about which I'm certain. The President is wishing right at this point he would have not listened to "Uncle Bob Bennett" (his lead attorney) , to settle with Paula Jones months ago for a lousy $700,000.00, give her the apology as she demanded and we'd not be in this crisis today.

Patrick Henry

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