William's Photo Gallery- Misc. People, places, things Page 5

My 1939 Chevy Coupe. It's got a fuel injected 5.0 liter Camaro motor in it. This is my weekend driver. It's pretty fast and fun to drive. I got it last December. I'm Gonna paint it Indian Red with wide whitewalls and all that!!!!

 Another shot of my '39 Coupe. It was actually an old "Gasser" Hot Rod in the 1960's in Portland. The stickers are original from back them. Who know what it had under the hood them. I've almost wrecked it twice fooling around!!

 Me being less than modest on my '47 Indian Chief. I was goofing off for a friend in the photo. I sold her (the bike) last December and I miss it very much. But, I got a 1946 Harley, paid my dad back and bought the 39 Chevy.

 This ugly thing is my Hillbilly Bobber when I got it in March from Kansas. It was (and will be again) a stock, splendid, 1946 Harley WL Solo Model. I took it completely apart within days.

 Another shot of my '46 Hillbilly Bobber. Before it came from Kansas, it belonged to a barefooted Arkansas Good ol' boy wearing only overalls and no shoes. A real Hillbilly.

 On occasion, I do like the ancient Israelites as a sign of shame & mourning and I shave my head. I don't cover myself in ashes or sackcloth anymore. (Well not since Clinton's first inauguration in 1993.

 This is Elli and I, out on the town in downtown Fullerton after a great meal.

 Another night out with Elli, this time to the Pomona Arts Community, to see her cousin's old school (he played with the Germs) punk rock band playing outside. March 2002


 Megan and I.

 Megan rode on my Chief, but likes going fast. She wanted a night ride on my old Yamaha RZ350, so we did. That was fun!

 Nicole used to be my neighbor. My mom used to babysit her. She's got some wild ideas. I remember her in diapers. ;-)


 I actually planted several rows of corn in my front yard for one of the many Halloween props last year. It was quite a production!!

 Holly and Megan, out with me shooting clays at Lake Perris. I dig girls with guns!! November 2001

 A bunch of us in the back yard with my camcorder and the Infrared mode. I took a bunch of stills from that night. October 2001

  Kiya and I last year at the Halloween Haunt. That was fun. it was so much fun, I went again, with Holly, Megan and Kimmy.

 Charming Kiya wanted a ride on the Indian Chief. It was foggy, super foggy, I couldn't say no.We came back drenched and cold!


 My mommy and me, shortly after arriving at Dulles International airport in Washington DC. I needed a smoke after flying.

 Me, in front of the White House, May 2001, President Bush is in there. I shouted "Yes!! Clinton is gone!!!!" and my sis told me to be quiet and not be so excited.

 On the Gettysburg, PA battlefield, a place called the Devils Den. Confederate General John Bell Hood of Texas had a bad day at this place in July 1863.

 Mom and I had an authentic, wonderful, 19th Century meal at the Farnsworth Inn in Gettysburg, PA. It still has over a hundred bullet holes in the building. Ghost stories abound here. May 2001

 Our tour guide for the "Ghosts of Gettysburg" tour through the old town. It was really cool. We hardly slept a wink when we were there. Very creepy, fun place. (Good looking lady too!!! ;-)

 I talked my mom into going with me driving to the center of the battlefield after the Ghost tour. Tons of fireflies, mist, statues, darkness, I turned off the car, no lights, I went walking by myself. my mom freaked out!!! I've never felt anything like that place in my life!



 Another shot of the Emettsburg Road where Rebels met the Federals. Our motel was very close to here. Gettysburg, High Water Mark, May 2001

 September 1st 2001, Davenport Iowa, I was at the National Motorcycle Meet. That's an old man racing an 85 year old Harley on a dirt oval track. It was cool!!!

 My little devils, 3 adult Red Piranhas I got smuggled into the state. They were dime sized when I got them. Now their 18 months old

  Arlington National Cemetery. This place is incredible. It's quite a sight to see fields of marble and the names of so many laid to rest here. Very heavy place.

 The Lee Custis house on Arlington Cemetery. This is just above the Kennedy graves and the home of General Robert E. Lee & his family until 1964

 We watched the Honor Guard on duty at the Tomb of the Unknowns. Very moving place. Arlington, VA, May 2001

 My Beloved Muneca, she had a bad seizure in May 2002. I visited her in the Doggy ICU alot and she fought very hard. I held her so close to me and prayed hard.

 Here's dad and "Chookie" again late in May in the ICU. She had a IV, and heart moniter. This was 2 days before she paased in my arms. I was broken.

 June 1st, 2002 the new matriarch of my family, Munchie at the grave of her doggy sister, Chookie. There were some of the darkest days since 1999 for me.


  This is Papi next to the hatch door of Apollo 11 command module, the Eagle. Dad worked on all these projects. I am so proud of him! Smithsonian 2001

 My Cousin Walter coming home from 5 months active duty in Saudi Arabia. My mom and my aunts Orquidea and Sara greeting Wally June 2002. We were on TV!!!

 This is a proud new "father" with his 2 new Chihuahuas. July 21, 2002. I was torn with my loss of Chookie, but they needed me.


 Boaz (the all black male) and Ruth (my female) wasted no time in making Pappa clean up after them. They are precious!!!

 My little boy, Boaz. This is the day I brought them home. He's a really active, crazy, little puppy. His ears had not yet stayed up. He is a wonderful pup!

 My little Ruth. She was only 1 lb. 5 oz when I got her. Now she's 3 1/2 lbs. She's moody, bold, temperamental with her brother and has tons of freckles now. Love her.


 This is them in my office, not too long ago. Boaz weighs 4.8 lbs now. They wrestle and bark and chase the kitties in my house.

 After a energy filled morning of running in and out of the house, they head for my desk and crash out for a mutual puppy nap.

 This is Spotsie, my youngest (and biggest) cat. She's 15 lbs and the pups find her to be the best jungle gym, play & chew toy. She is fairly patient with the pups.