William's Photo Gallery- More People Page 4


 Me & The Former Vice President of the United States, Dan Quayle & my Brother in Law, Mike in Corona

 David, U.S. House Majority Leader Congressman Dick Arme at a "Scrap The Tax Code" Rally in Buena park on Feb 20 1998

 Me, My congressman Ed Royce and David at the same Rally, 1998.


 Mason, Mike Ness of Social Distortion in my garage discussing his 1953 Panhead project. Picture June 13 2000.He likes Chookie and digs the cracking paint on my Chief, reminds him of the classy old finish on a vintage guitar.

 another picture of Mason, Mike Ness & me discussing a show I saw them play for the first time @ the Olympic Auditorium in 1983 when neither of us had tattooos. That was a heck of a night

 Glenn Danzig (of the Misfits) with Danzig drummer at an in store appearance at Tower Records. On Mother's Day (naturally) 2000. He had no idea who had laid his hands on his back. Hell of a a lot of fun.


 "Rabbi" Luke, my buddy hanging out with me in Huntington Beach late 2000 at the Streetlite Cafe.

 Mark Laun with David "Booger" his little brother, his wife Rebekah and his son Israel in 1994.

 Me, Cindy Corrales and Rich reclining on a couch at the Murrietta Hot Springs Resort, Summer 2000.

 Tatyana's going away party in HB when she went away to Boston for a few months Joyclyn, Mike, Al, Renee, Jen Kingsbury, Todd, Ralphie, Shannon, ect.

 Kimmee and Tammy in Avalon Catalina Island September 30 2000. Two real sweeties. Kimmee is a High School English teacher at Garden Grove High, Tammy is a NeoNatal "preemie" nurse at UCI.

 Fiona, Tanya (the ballerina), Tammy 2, Cindy, Jen Kingsbury and Kimmee beachside in Avalon.

 Tatyana and I at the Streetlite Cafe in Huntington beach late last year.

 Young "sisters" Bethany? and little Michelle at Murrietta Hot Springs. Oh My! Michelle is 20, I must stay away from her, I must, I must, she's trouble, too much girl, ect. hee hee

 Shannon & Me at Murrietta. She's a High School P.E. teacher. She went to Pacifica High and knew my ex girlfriend and some of my hooligan friends over there. I call her my "favorite hair-colored girl". She swears she's only 5 10"



 Willow displaying a well chewed piece of Trident Chewing Gum. A masterpiece of photographic timing and the element of suprise..

 Dear Willow, was a close friend, fun to hang around with and spend hours on the phone. I still see her around. Liana's her roommate once again. A precious sister.

 Little Karen, fiesty, Germanic blood, intense girl & good friend her spunky roommate Suzie behind her, Mark Ley (not her boyfriend) at Logos Cafe in Costa Mesa.


 Karen and Cookie the sweetest Pit Bull Terrier on a day hike at O'neill Park early this year.

 Karen and Hunk, Cookie's 3 month old puppy in her kitchen after day hike.

 Cari Jewel, Karen, Me, Don, Suzie, John Rice and Prudence the Pit Bull. On the Hike.



 Liana, my ex-girlfriend. This was her a few months before I met her, traveling abroad in Turkey. She was 21, moody, bossy, tempermental, bubbly, passionate, & possessive. I miss her alot. She was training for me to be able to handle a fiesty women.

 Liana with her sister's doggie. I will never forget her in that she tried to save a broken down "old school" punk rocker. We went through alot of hell together.

 ex-girlfriend Rachel & I at the Murietta Hot Springs. Darling Rachel, I think I'm crazy for letting her go. She says I'm her best friend. I've known here since my days @ Calvary Cypress. Well, she's certainly not 13 anymore!




  It's wild how the time flies sometimes. She, if anyone was heard and seen the calamity which has beset my soul, It is Rachel. She's been very kind to me and I owe so much for bearing with me.

 This is me and my family, last April 1st, 2000 the only girl in my life. She sleeps under the covers, growls when I move her at night at sometimes snaps at the kitties.

 Jenny used to complain that we had no real family portraits of us. She was right. I cried driving there and on the way home. I gave Jenny a copy of this picture. I'm sure it's in a drawer tucked away somewhere.