William's Photo Gallery-Page Three


 Janet and David on a Fillmore Railway trip to a live Christmas Tree Farm where we picked it and chopped down. Dec 1999

 David and I on a Fillmore Railway trip. There were times I felt like lying down on the tracks. It was a neat day. Dec 1999
 Petting Zoo in Fillmore, CA. This big goat seemed to like me, maybe it was just chewing on my shirt that it liked.

 Outdoor observation car in Fillmore. These were days when I could hardly stand to wake up. I lived a daily nightmare. I was still smiling though dead man walking.
 Sail boats.This is actually a shot from the ship entering Newport Harbor, not Avalon as I named the image. September 30 2000.

 Jayna and Beth, Bob Millspaugh and Jen Kingsbury in Catalina.



 Cindy and the gang on a tour of the Wrigley Property in Catalina. That was a really fun day trip and I needed every minute of it

 Cindy and Tammy 2 on a Glass Bottom boat in Avalon. Tanya, Cindy and I started feeling green in the gills after a few minutes with the boat a rockin' & diesel fumes.

 Our gang in Catalina resting after our tour for a nice group photo.


 Mr. Winston Poohberry of Dirty Paws. He's an Russian blue exotic short haired Persian who hated point blank face kisses right between the eyes. I did it anyway because he's so cute!!!!

 I removed a repeated image from the other table on page three.
 A (modest) model of the Ark Of The Covenant in a life sized model of the Hebrew Tabernacle in Costa Mesa. I was alone behind the curtain, in the Holy of Holies and it was spooky. William a Priest? LOLWell, It's didn't kill me as it used to God's Enemies.....so




 Winter Retreat late 1980s', Sporting my famous Post Punk, "Little Charles Manson" look.. Bad picture, I don't know why I posted it, I thought it funny.

 Me in 1987, hair in full parade stand. with my Cobray MAC 11 9mm, thinking something akin to "Free me Land". Don't Mess......

 Year later, now thinking something akin to "does my gray hair match my jacket & my blue Frankenstein creepers, what am I doing here?"


 My beloved Mommy, Yolanda, last Christmas 2000. She's been a pillar of strength to me through this whole thing. Semper Fi, Love you

 My Papi, Guillermo, He's 61 now and has also been and it's amazing how much my suffering and brutal lessons in life have affected him. I am blessed beyond measure.

 Sylvia. My baby sister, home for a visit, heading back for her current residence. IBM, London England. She'll be there 2 years, 94K a year, no obligations, must be nice.

 My aunt Orquidea baptizing Me, cousin Markie and Mark Laun in late 1987. Formation of the now "notorious" Radicals For Christ.

 Pastor Chuck Smith baptizing me and Liana in October 1999. I thought he would hold me under for a few minutes. He didn't. Pirates Cove, Corona Del Mar.

 My hippy like look, with my John Lennon specs on. March 1990?

 Mark Laun with a limit of Ringneck Pheasants and Chukar Partridges after a hunt in 1989. Jenny even shot 2 of 'em.

 Lake Tahoe with Ben Evers, Ed "Nugget" the Prospector, Dad & Me. 1986.. So I was very stoned.

 2 delightful hostesses at Murietta. The one on the right had long, lovely, straight red hair. She's sort of a rocker chick, real nice girl.



Old cemetery in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, I have family buried here. It was pretty trippy. Jenny and I took these pictures January 1991.

 Same Cemetery, 1941, my grandma, her older sister with my aunt Elba in her arms. I believe both my grandma and Aunt Ne are buried in that grave site.
 Another shot from this cemetery.


 Me beginning the process of learning to play guitar. I'm still at it. That's my Gibson Epiphone AJ-18 lefty I'm playing

 My ex-girlfriend Darcy Austin. Wow. I almost Forgot how pretty she was. Look at her feathered hairstyle, 1980's for sure.

 Cousin Stevie at a Winter Retreat back in the 1980's. He'n now in Pennsylvania. One of the original 0300 infantry of the RFC's.


 Sister Robbi, who has been a tremendous inspiration and encouragement to me always.
 Rose Fong and Robbi behind the counter at the Streetlight Cafe in Huntington Beach.

 Me and a great surprize to see again after 13 years, hadn't seen this one since 1987, Elli England.

 My Airport Buddy, Kristin who's from Germany after a fun night ride and dinner. That was fun!!  Kristin, just before we left to go eat dinner. We actually met in LAX waiting for family to arrive.  My birthday, March 19 2001 making a fool of myself in front of my table of guests, flapping my wings, making peanut butter with my feet ans twirlin' around.


 Elli.....Elli.....yes, Elli was my guest for my birthday. She lifted my spirit and made me smile.

 The Elli Meister .. he he he
 Here is the gang at Johnny Rebs Southern Roadhouse in Bellflower for my birthday dinner!!!!!!!!