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Me in H.B. TThe 39 Chevy

This page is under construction again

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William's photo Album

Partisan39 Myspace

My Flickr photo Albums

My dog Boaz & his awesome Gene Simmons KISS T-shirt

John F Kennedy Class of 1987 Reunion Pics

My old Politico writings -aka Patrick Henry

My Radio Broadcast MP3's from March 2005

Mas Classics - Vintage American Motorcycle Parts

What's coming eventually?

New pages to the photo Album

my '47 Chiefe & my pooches


~~ MP3'S ~~

Listen to the The Pooches

Listen to a new fave - Ainsley Apirana Great and Marvelous

Another fave song - Crimson Mercy - WIll I Find You



and my friend, Daryl..... he's into heavy metal rock on!!!

his brother caught a huge old fish on nightcrawlers

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